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Soul Synthus is a top down action adventure game.

Once you choose your character, you find yourself in Castle Vod, and discover that it is filled with hostile individuals. Figure out what has happened during your absence. In order to defeat enemies, you must successfully strafe and dodge around attacks, and then counter attack with your own spells. In this demo / prototype, there are a total of two bosses to find and plenty of secrets to uncover.

To cast spells, you harness the power of the Synthus, which is an enigmatic device that is able to harness the 'true' power of chemicals and conjure spells from them. You are able to choose from three different fields of chemistry to specialize in, where you are able to uncover more complex and more powerful compounds.

Currently unfinished / on hold! Let me know what you guys think.

Install instructions

Unzip contents of zip folder and run Soul Synthus.exe.

Make sure the data folder is there!

As a note: Saves are located in Data/StreamingAssets.


SS_Win.zip 354 MB

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